On Sunday we were hit by a car, about an hour away from home. It was a car pulling out of a driveway and unfortunately the driver wasn’t looking. We ended up on the opposite side of the road and it would have been much worse if Dan hadn’t been able to keep the bike up. At some point his foot must have hit the ground, his toe is bruised and the foot is sore. My right foot ended up between the bike and car. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital and have a bad sprain; I was sent home with an air cast and two prescriptions for pain meds. Dan offered to get the car or call a friend to drive me home but I had the feeling if I didn’t get back on the bike then it would be a long time before I did again.

May doesn’t seem to be our month for rides. Last year Old Zoom was in the shop for three weeks and didn’t get home until literally hours before we were supposed to be leaving on our big trip. New Zoom is in the driveway waiting to be towed and will most likely be in the shop for at least that same amount of time….

Car that hit us; skid mark from Zoom

DSC_6720 DSC_6723 DSC_6728

12 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Oh my!! I’m so sorry to hear you both were hit, but glad you are okay!!!

    I think you made a good choice to get back on the bike right away. About 30 yrs ago hubby and I went over the front of our motorcycle on a back road. Thank God for good helmets. No major injuries, just scrapes and bruising. Bike was fine. A friend that was with us said if I didn’t get back on then I may never. I took his advice and got back on.

    Cyber (((hugs))) from Minnesota!

  2. I hate to learn of this. I am, however very HAPPY to know you and your man are safe. You both have been blessed. I’m really glad you climbed back on. It’s healing, but painful. Prayers to you both…

    • Thank you so much! The ankle is still painful and I’m a terrible patient, also getting quite bored stuck in the house. Hoping to be able to drive some time next week to get a little break….

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  4. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I hope you’re feeling better soon — thank God for the little things that keep us connected, huh? (Iphones and pads and tablets and…) Hug your doggies. -suzy

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