I’m a wife and mom of five children; we share our home with five awesome dogs and one fish. I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, music, and photography.

My husband bought a motorcycle in March 2009. A motorcycle was something I had no interest in and at first I wouldn’t ride. One weekend I changed my mind for whatever reason and slowly became hooked.  In 2010 I rode over 6000 miles in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and DC; 2011 mileage was 12,261! I started this blog to share my views from the back of the bike thru words and photos, and also about life in general from a non-typical ‘biker chick‘.

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

The cameras:

  • htc EVO V
  • Asus Google Nexus 7
  • Nikon Coolpix S30
  • Nikon D50
  • Nikon D7000 

The bikes (first two shots taken at High Rock):

Old Rusty, 2003 Suzuki Volusia:

Zoom, 2002 Royal Star Venture:

And New Zoom, 2012 Royal Star Venture:


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I left you answer to the bike on your post. Gonna check out your blog more when I get home & I will add you to my blog roll!…Jason

  2. I’m on lunch right now so I went on & added you to my blog roll! There is a link on my blog for the social site that I built..you should check it out..there are some bikers on there…it’s free to join!

  3. Hey I love your photos….I am pretty new to the WordPress world and I am looking for some who share the same interests as me….

    Can you check out my site… http://www.frontroweats.com and let me know what you think…I would also love to add you blog to my “friends” links on my site…thanks!!!

    -Chris of Front Row Eats

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  5. Thanks for subscribing, I really like your pics, do you edit at all or are they straight from the camera to the computer to your blog?

    Adding you in myblogroll, Welcome and thanks!

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  7. Mother of Five and you still find time to ride! Awesome! Don’t spoil the illusion and tell me your children are grown. Kelley and I ride a Venture also, but I do most of the photography, which is hard from the driver’s seat. How did you stumble on to my blog? (V4her’s Blog)


    • Very cool, didn’t know you had a Venture! I found your blog back when I started mine, I think as a result of searching for ‘motorcycle rides’ or something similar.

  8. Old Rusty, 2003 Suzuki Volusia?

    It doesn’t look that old or rusty to me,
    indeed it looks rather wicked if you don’t
    mind me saying so…

    Thank you for sharing your passion
    for motor cycles my friend and the many
    photographs that you add with every
    adventure 🙂 I am looking forward to
    viewing those my friend…


  9. Greetings from a fellow pillion rider.:) Unlike you, I’ve always wanted a boyfriend with a motorbike but it somehow never worked out during my teenage years. And it was only after my husband and I got together that he mentioned something about a motorbike… icing on the cake.:)

  10. Hi – thanks for visiting my Dhama Dawgs site – nice to see you here! Great blog – beautiful bikes, great dogs, and looks like lotsa love. 🙂

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