10th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Saturday evening we took advantage of DC Restaurant Week and had a fantastic dinner at Vidalia. On Sunday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC. D wanted to get a new pair of custom ear plugs, then we wandered around to check out the people, bikes, and vendors. D bought me flowers, a card, and an engraved bracelet; we still have some chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy.

So it was a very nice weekend, especially considering the fact that just a few days before both of us were in bed sick with the flu.

09/23/11 Summer Things To Do List Update

In June I followed a Daily Post prompt to Make a top 10 list of things to do this summer. Since this is the first day of fall I thought I’d post what I accomplished from that list.

1 Visit the beach

2 Eat a funnel cake
D & I shared an awesome funnel cake at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. This serving included the cake, powdered sugar, strawberries, hot fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream!

3 Try the rotary sushi bar in Bethesda MD

4 Do the Harley Davidson vehicle operations tour in York PA
We went to York but only got to do a modified tour since 2012 bikes had gone into production and hadn’t yet been released to the dealers. Still interesting though and I’d definitely like to go back.

5 Add some new music to my ipod
I added some CDs that I’d wanted for quite a while, a mix that includes Prince, Reggae Cowboys, Willie & Lobo, and Culture Club.

6 Start putting aside money for our 10th anniversary

7 Find a place that serves a French onion soup that I can add to my list of favorites

8 Get Nandy’s allergies under control
Only two or three scabs remain and she hasn’t been scratching at them so this was a success. Since I didn’t experiment with her food I have to assume they were seasonal allergies.

9 Find-and shop at-a farmer’s market or produce stand somewhere near our house
Not exactly close to the house but we found a nice farmer’s market in Leesburg that we visited on the couple of rides. Absolutely fantastic corn and tomatoes!

10 Get the last two refrigerator magnets needed for our ‘states we have visited’ collection

07/16/11 Icing Smiles

I learned about Icing Smiles on Facebook. They are a non-profit organization based out of Maryland ‘that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by critical illness of a child.  We understand that the simple things, like a birthday cake, are luxuries to a family battling illness.  Our goal is to create a custom cake for the ill child or their sibling that will provide a temporary escape from worry and create a positive memory during a difficult time.’

That was about a month before C’s 16th birthday so I decided to contact them. She was quickly approved. Not long after I received an email that Sister’s Bake Shop would be making the cake. C spent a lot of time looking at cake photos on both the Sister’s website as well as Icing Smiles. Since her birthday is the 4th of July, she has often had red, white, and blue celebrations and chose those colors again this year along with a request for roses.

The cake ended up being exactly what she wanted; the smile on her face when she first saw it was priceless. The kindness and generosity of these types of organizations never fails to amaze me.

07/13/11 Describe A Perfect Meal

Today’s Daily Post prompt is to describe a perfect meal, either something you have experienced or something to hope to experience someday.

D and I got married at Sandals Negril. A week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort that also took care of everything for our wedding at no extra cost: photos, flowers, cake, witnesses, small meal after the ceremony, and a private wedding dinner on the beach.

The food was excellent but it was a combination of factors that made it a perfect meal: the location, weather, time of day, being with my new husband who was also my best friend, the fact that it was our wedding dinner. It was really something I’ll never forget.

Unfortunately this was before digital cameras were a regular thing, so the only dinner photo was taken with my old 35mm and scanned for this post. Still bring back good memories though!

06/10/11 Make A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer

A recent Daily Post writing suggestion was Make a top 10 list of things to do this summer. I thought this sounded interesting and fun but it’s actually taken me quite a while to complete, maybe because I wanted to come up with things that stand a good chance of being accomplished. My list, in no particular order:

1 Visit the beach
2 Eat a funnel cake
3 Try the rotary sushi bar in Bethesda MD
4 Do the Harley Davidson vehicle operations tour in York PA
5 Add some new music to my ipod
6 Start putting aside money for our 10th anniversary
7 Find a place that serves a French onion soup that I can add to my list of favorites
8 Get Nandy’s allergies under control
9 Find-and shop at-a farmer’s market or produce stand somewhere near our house
10 Get the last two refrigerator magnets needed for our ‘states we have visited’ collection

03/21/11 Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs WV
247 miles
5 bikes

Yesterday we did our longest ride of the year so far, and put the weekend mileage total to almost 450. I’m still amazed at how comfortable the new bike is. I’m having some issues getting knocked around by the wind but otherwise felt fine after what was essentially an eight hour day!

We ended up having lunch at Panorama at the Peak in Berkeley Springs. This wasn’t the original plan but no complaints from me; this place ranks high on my list of favorite restaurants. Their food is organic and from local farms, which means that the menu changes seasonally giving good reason for a return visit!

I love French onion soup. We’ve eaten at Panorama a number of times but yesterday was the first time I tried their version and it was fantastic.

The disappointment of the ride for me was when I discovered that yes, I did bring the camera but forgot to take the battery off the charger. A very interesting part of the ride was crossing the Oldtown Low-Water Toll Bridge and I really would’ve liked some shots of that. Again another excuse to go back 😉

I’m sharing a few pictures from last year. The first is obviously the restaurant, the following three are the view from the parking lot which were taken over a five month span. Quite a difference in color!