05/11/11 Photo Scavenger Hunt

The last photo scavenger hunt challenge we were able to do was you, your bike, and a piece of military artillery. I remembered that there was a cannon at the Monocacy National Battlefield, so we made a quick stop for this photo during our ride to Frederick.

04/10/11 Scavenger Hunt

This was a busy weekend with the ex here to visit the kids, D & I went to our first Bat Mitzvah yesterday, and today we did a ride.

The latest photo scavenger hunt target was you, your bike, and a restaurant sign that contains the word ‘eat’. I happened to see this place, pointed it out to D, and we did a turn around for a quick photo. Will post more about the actual ride tomorrow.

03/19/11 Night Ride

Not all of our rides are country back roads or in the mountains. Last night we decided to go out for a bit…the temperature was still in the 60s, clear sky with an almost full moon. As long as traffic isn’t bad it can be a nice experience.

The latest goal in the photo scavenger hunt was you, your bike, and a classic car. A quick stop and I got the shot below; unfortunately after getting home we found out someone else had already posted.

Note: this isn’t high quality video, it’s taken with my small digital camera

02/27/11 Brunswick

Brunswick MD/Harper’s Ferry WV
~100 miles

Dan & I went for a ride yesterday shortly after bringing the new bike home. The latest photo scavenger hunt goal was you, your bike, and a museum. While at a light I happened to see the Brunswick Railroad Museum so we stopped for a quick shot.

02/20/11 Water Tower

D belongs to a motorcycle forum that has been doing a photo scavenger hunt since 2007. It’s basically get a picture of you, your bike, and _____. The most recent goal was a water tower and I remembered one being not too far from where we live. So today’s short ride was to get those pictures and we ended up being first to complete it. Winner gets to choose the next goal which does require a bit of creativity…