Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Bagpipes on the beach at sunset:

08/30/11 The Storm, The Beach, and My Dad

We survived the storm. Late Saturday night was the worst for us…not long after I went to bed I woke up because of the wind; the power was off & on throughout the night but fortunately never long enough that we lost food. Lots of tree branches down in our neighborhood; county workers had that cleaned up by late Sunday afternoon. The weather here since then has been absolutely wonderful.

The kids went back to school yesterday: one started college, three in high school, one in middle school. Technically not the start of fall but for me it is. It was an odd summer…we did a lot of rides, both on our own and with friends. I managed to check off a few things on my Top 10 List, which I’ll write about in another post. It’s difficult to pinpoint but the whole summer seemed ‘off’ for some reason. I wanted to go to the beach. My blog friend Seashell recently wrote about attraction to the ocean…I think for me it’s a combination of things: the salty smell, the warm sand under your feet, the breeze in your hair, the hot sun on your back, the chill of the water…

Last night I had a long, vivid dream that included my dad. Just after my mom died he started a journal, the old fashioned kind on a legal pad with pen. I read it once when I first received the envelope and then again recently. Even without knowing the man it’s heartbreaking:

I think I just reached a blank wall. I have so many regrets, please don’t live your life that way. I don’t know what else to say or do my heart is broken. I will never forget her, she was my life and my love and when she died so did I.

Not long ago one of our riding friends commented on a photo of my dad, stating that my oldest son resembles him. Funny that it took so long for me to see it but he was absolutely right. That’s a very cool gift.

I’m not foolish enough to think my parents had a perfect relationship. It was certainly good enough to last for 39 years though and what I remember most is that they were always friends. That gave me hope that I would someday have something similar.

Hope and dreams are good things.

07/13/11 Describe A Perfect Meal

Today’s Daily Post prompt is to describe a perfect meal, either something you have experienced or something to hope to experience someday.

D and I got married at Sandals Negril. A week-long stay at an all-inclusive resort that also took care of everything for our wedding at no extra cost: photos, flowers, cake, witnesses, small meal after the ceremony, and a private wedding dinner on the beach.

The food was excellent but it was a combination of factors that made it a perfect meal: the location, weather, time of day, being with my new husband who was also my best friend, the fact that it was our wedding dinner. It was really something I’ll never forget.

Unfortunately this was before digital cameras were a regular thing, so the only dinner photo was taken with my old 35mm and scanned for this post. Still bring back good memories though!

06/10/11 Make A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer

A recent Daily Post writing suggestion was Make a top 10 list of things to do this summer. I thought this sounded interesting and fun but it’s actually taken me quite a while to complete, maybe because I wanted to come up with things that stand a good chance of being accomplished. My list, in no particular order:

1 Visit the beach
2 Eat a funnel cake
3 Try the rotary sushi bar in Bethesda MD
4 Do the Harley Davidson vehicle operations tour in York PA
5 Add some new music to my ipod
6 Start putting aside money for our 10th anniversary
7 Find a place that serves a French onion soup that I can add to my list of favorites
8 Get Nandy’s allergies under control
9 Find-and shop at-a farmer’s market or produce stand somewhere near our house
10 Get the last two refrigerator magnets needed for our ‘states we have visited’ collection