03/25/11 Photo Friday

Nandy is laying on the couch in a spot chosen to get both the most sunlight from the front window and the best view of mom. The sun is deceptive though: the current temperature is 32°.

Earlier this morning I got the phone call I’d been hoping to avoid: apparently the ‘probably nothing’ is actually ‘a something’. A bunch of words: Doctor B’s office…biopsy results…precancerous…30-40 minute procedure…as soon as possible…[pause]…are you okay? Am I okay? What kind of question is that? But she was kind and only doing her job so I replied yes and then thanked her for calling. How’s that for irony?

So I now have an appointment on Monday. Since then I started laundry, cleaned both bathrooms, vacuumed, tried to eat, paid bills, filled out some school paperwork, swept the kitchen, took a shower, caught up on blogs and emails, got a few things ready for the oldest’s birthday on Sunday.

The solar-powered pit bull stares at me with her big brown eyes: mom, I love you, come snuggle with me. She has the right idea. I will.