05/20/11 Flu

My day was spent shuffling between the couch and my computer chair. This morning I woke up to discover that last night’s hmm, I have an upset stomach had turned into full-blown crud, which I assume is flu. Chills, body aches, and a general feeling of nausea. Oh joy. D is going out of town to visit family and won’t be back for six days. Tomorrow N is working tech her her school’s musical, at the very least I have to pick her up after the show. C and E are participating in Relay for Life this weekend. I have to dig sleeping bags out of the basement, get them packed and drive them to the school. Promised the boys I’d taken them for haircuts and of course all the usual grocery shopping, laundry, etc etc.

Now I have a headache to add to the list; just took my temperature which is just over 101° so I guess it’s time for bed. I’ve been struggling about a picture for this post so I’ll leave you with some hopeful smiles:

04/25/11 Easter

I put together bags of candy for all the kids and D; he also got the chocolate motorcycle. I decorated the house, sent a card to my in-laws, sent ecards to D and the girls. I put together what I thought was a nice meal based on what everyone likes.

Eating dinner was a mistake, my stomach wasn’t ready for something like that. Then after cleaning up I spent the evening alone, doing laundry and basically wasting time online. As I said to a friend earlier, I’m not a drama queen or martyr, I’m not looking for sympathy and I don’t think I’m expecting too much.

For better or worse things change. Unfortunately I won’t be doing the ABCD Challenge. I’m very much curious to see everyone’s photos and am quite sorry I won’t be able to participate, that was something I’d been looking forward to doing.

There are now almost 150 comments I haven’t replied to and I’m sincerely sorry. I’m going to make a big effort to catch up but from now on the priority is to respond the same day.

I still have a low-grade fever, cough, headache, runny nose, and the previously mentioned stomach problems. I think at this point it’s safe to say I have the flu.

Sharing a video instead of a photo tonight, dedicated to C and N. Nice guitar and fantastic lyrics…