02/23/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 1

Monday night’s weather left us with us snow and ice that caused a two-hour delay for the schools yesterday. Cold temps again today and with rain the the forecast for tomorrow and Friday there won’t be any rides to post about for a bit. I thought I’d use the opportunity to introduce the three other ladies who occasionally ride the back of the bike.

My oldest daughter, C, was the first to show any interest in riding. She is currently 15 but has a medical history that rivals many adults. At three weeks of age she was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex congenital heart defect that is fatal without treatment. She had three open heart surgeries by the time she was 18 months old, and now has a cardiology check up twice a year that includes an echo, EKG, 24 hour Holter monitor, stress test, and blood work. She has some challenges with school-especially math, like her mom-but is an avid reader and a talented writer. While we managed to avoid the Justin Bieber bug with all three girls, Cynthia is very definitely a proud member of Team Edward. She is the least picky eater of all my kids, she has a fantastic smile, likes playing the Wii and her sister’s DS, loves flavored water, and at times can be a typical teenage drama queen 😉

Here is Ms C, then and now:

02/19/11 Wind

I mentioned the other day that we were planning to do a group ride…unfortunately we had a big change in the weather which included a high-winds warning: 30+ MPH winds with gusts up to 60. This was one instance where the prediction was correct so we cancelled the ride and decided to go out for a family dinner. After a bunch of research we decided on Maggiano’s in DC. This was a first for the kids and I; D had been there previously for work functions. The three block walk from where we parked to the restaurant was certainly interesting with the high winds; at one point we actually saw a woman get knocked down from a particularly strong gust. With seven people we did the Classic Family Style Dinner: two appetizers, two salads, four main course selections, and two desserts. That was a lot of food…there were two large platters or bowls of each serving. We brought home a box of leftovers from everything except the ice cream 😛

And for my fellow sushi lovers it seems that I will be taking a sushi-making class next month thanks to D…very awesome and thoughtful birthday gift!

the only moto we saw all day

02/02/11 False Alarm

On Monday we had a winter storm alert, warning, and watch. After Snowmageddon 2010 most of us here take these types of forecasts seriously. What we ended up with though was a bit of freezing that night that resulted in the schools having a two-hour delay. With rain last night and a forecast of 50° for today, D was determined to ride into work. I certainly wasn’t going to argue since I haven’t had the van in days. So a path out of the shed was shoveled, lots of noise which I’m sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate 😉 , I moved the van into the street and he was ready to go. We’re hoping to do even a short ride on Sunday but with the way the weather has been changing who knows….