06/10/11 Make A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer

A recent Daily Post writing suggestion was Make a top 10 list of things to do this summer. I thought this sounded interesting and fun but it’s actually taken me quite a while to complete, maybe because I wanted to come up with things that stand a good chance of being accomplished. My list, in no particular order:

1 Visit the beach
2 Eat a funnel cake
3 Try the rotary sushi bar in Bethesda MD
4 Do the Harley Davidson vehicle operations tour in York PA
5 Add some new music to my ipod
6 Start putting aside money for our 10th anniversary
7 Find a place that serves a French onion soup that I can add to my list of favorites
8 Get Nandy’s allergies under control
9 Find-and shop at-a farmer’s market or produce stand somewhere near our house
10 Get the last two refrigerator magnets needed for our ‘states we have visited’ collection

03/21/11 Berkeley Springs

Berkeley Springs WV
247 miles
5 bikes

Yesterday we did our longest ride of the year so far, and put the weekend mileage total to almost 450. I’m still amazed at how comfortable the new bike is. I’m having some issues getting knocked around by the wind but otherwise felt fine after what was essentially an eight hour day!

We ended up having lunch at Panorama at the Peak in Berkeley Springs. This wasn’t the original plan but no complaints from me; this place ranks high on my list of favorite restaurants. Their food is organic and from local farms, which means that the menu changes seasonally giving good reason for a return visit!

I love French onion soup. We’ve eaten at Panorama a number of times but yesterday was the first time I tried their version and it was fantastic.

The disappointment of the ride for me was when I discovered that yes, I did bring the camera but forgot to take the battery off the charger. A very interesting part of the ride was crossing the Oldtown Low-Water Toll Bridge and I really would’ve liked some shots of that. Again another excuse to go back 😉

I’m sharing a few pictures from last year. The first is obviously the restaurant, the following three are the view from the parking lot which were taken over a five month span. Quite a difference in color!