06/04/11 What Makes You Feel Like You’re Still A Kid?

Again I’m a bit late, but a recent suggestion at The Daily Post was What makes you feel like you’re still a kid? 

A few months ago I wrote about my ex and our ‘relationship’. I lived with him for almost 11 years and other than my children being born that period of time I just tolerated, got by, existed. After I met D and moved to Canada my kids lived with him for five years or so. When A, almost 18, was asked why he was making a snow fort this past January he replied to make up for my lost childhood while living with him. 

I can understand and relate to those feelings, but as an adult I’m expected to deal with it and move on. And I have: my husband is great, I love living in MD, my kids have been here for over four years, and I ride the motorcycle. There are moments-on every ride-when I feel like a big kid. Times of good weather, nice scenery, favorite music on the ipod, riding with my best friend…I end up with a big smile on my face and often laugh. I’ll stretch my legs off the floor boards, stretch my arms out to the side, lean back and feel the sun and wind on my face, no worries or thoughts on mind except enjoying and treasuring the moment.

If you’ve read my About page you know that after D bought the first motorcycle I had no interest in riding it. To this day I still don’t know why I changed my mind but instead of regrets I’m thankful. I’m in an odd place that a lot of people don’t understand: there are those who have no desire to ride, and those who ride but who think being a passenger is crazy. It fits for me and I truly enjoy it…it’s fun to feel like a kid once in a while. Life is good.