Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

Old Rusty at High Rock, June 2010:06-27-10-019


(Old) Zoom at High Rock, March 2011:03-12-11-013

Natalie’s Birthday Adventure

Dan took Natalie on a 139 mile ride for her 13th birthday. They had lunch at Waynesburger, which has fantastic milk shakes, and stopped at High Rock to take pictures and watch the hang gliders.

03/20/11 Pacific Ocean

Hagerstown MD
? miles
2 bikes

Posting a bit early tonight since D has to be up at 4am to go into work for a few hours. Not much sleep for him after he gets home since we’re meeting for a group ride at 9am. I’m catching up on Facebook apps very important computer work and then going to bed soon.

We did a ride today with our friend Drew (of guardian bell fame); I don’t have the mileage, hope to update that soon. We decided to try the Pacific Ocean Buffet in Hagerstown. It was a typical Chinese buffet-although rather large-with the addition of a sushi section. A very good value compared to similar buffets closer to home. Nice hot & sour soup, crab rangoons, cheese stuffed mushrooms…I would definitely go back! After lunch we rode to High Rock and then home.

This fountain is seen immediately upon entering the restaurant; see if you can find:

  • holiday bows
  • spinning ball
  • lobster
  • deer (?)
  • water wheel
  • conch shell
  • small blue disc-shaped object (?)