10th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Saturday evening we took advantage of DC Restaurant Week and had a fantastic dinner at Vidalia. On Sunday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC. D wanted to get a new pair of custom ear plugs, then we wandered around to check out the people, bikes, and vendors. D bought me flowers, a card, and an engraved bracelet; we still have some chocolate covered strawberries to enjoy.

So it was a very nice weekend, especially considering the fact that just a few days before both of us were in bed sick with the flu.

01/18/11 International Motorcycle Show

Last Friday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC with a friend. They had me ‘try on’ and stand up a number of bikes. The first few made me nervous-I kept thinking they’d fall over-but eventually I got more comfortable. I met my match with the 660 lb Fury though; I tried a few times but simply didn’t have the strength.

We also spent a lot of time visiting (i.e. looking at, sitting on, admiring, etc) the Royal Star Venture that D is planning to buy this spring.

I ended up with three t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses…it was a fun evening, ending with a late dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.