Here’s Bug In Your Eye!

Helmets, jackets, pants, and gloves are mentioned when reading about motorcycle gear. Eye protection isn’t usually high on the list.

Last week we left on a ride after Dan got home from work. Yet another pair of sunglasses were recently broken. When we stopped for dinner he said something was in his eye, which I could see at the bottom of his left iris. A short while later we checked into a motel for the night; his eye was still bothering him after multiple attempts to remove what looked like a dark speck.

We couldn’t find any after-hours clinics so we went to the emergency room. He was given drops to numb the eye. The physician’s assistant couldn’t remove the problem so he was seen by a doctor who identified the speck as a bug’s wing.

It was a few days before his eye felt completely normal again. The day following this incident he bought a pair of goggles. It’s surprising how much trouble a tiny bug can cause!