Weather Change

We’ve lived in Maryland for over 10 years. I absolutely do not miss Michigan or Ontario winters, but I’m still not used to summer weather here. While the calendar still says ‘summer’ we finally got a break from the heat and humidity today.

We had planned to ride but didn’t have a particular route or even destination. It was cool enough this morning that I wore both a long-sleeved t-shirt and my jacket. We ended up riding 260 miles in beautiful weather…had lunch at the Marshall VA location of El Agave, did the 211 ‘motorcycles high crash area’ onto Skyline Drive, home thru Shepherdstown and Harpers Ferry.

My neck is sore-nothing new-and I have windburn on my face but it was a great day and I’m very much looking forward to more fall-weather rides.

09/08/11 WV Weekend Day 2

225 miles

Beautiful weather for day two until we were on our way back to the motel and ended up in a bit of rain. Not disappointing though since we were kind of surrounded by low-lying clouds again.

We rode up Spruce Knob, which is the highest point in West Virginia. Then we headed over to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Green Bank Telescope) where we had lunch, watched the presentation, and went on the tour.

We left for home early the following morning because of tropical storm Lee’s heavy rainfall forecasts. Total mileage for the trip was 633.

09/07/11 WV Weekend Day 1

Germantown MD to Petersburg WV
261 miles

When we left home the sky was cloudy with a 30% chance of rain in the forecast. After crossing White’s Ferry though we ran into some thunderstorms, and stopped in Leesburg for breakfast while the worst of the storm passed. The next challenge was fog/low-lying clouds in the mountains; very glad I wasn’t driving!

Once on the other side the temperature went up by 20°, sunny and a blue sky. We had reservations at the Fort Hill Motel; for $58 a night we had a nice room with queen bed, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, wireless internet, and a great view. Minutes from the downtown area of Petersburg and 22 miles from Seneca Rocks was an excellent location.

We had dinner at the Front Porch Restaurant which is across the street from Seneca Rocks. D checking out the bikes in the parking lot with the Rocks in the background:

Back at the motel D went into the pool for a bit and then we watched the sun set behind the mountains. Beautiful ending for a great day!