03/01/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 3

Outside of reading and music-which seem to be a recurrent theme in my family-N’s blog title says it all: Game Freak 17 (I will let the ’17’ remain a mystery). N plays the family Wii, has a Nintendo DS, and our Playstation 2 lives in her bedroom. Birthday and Christmas wish lists are usually topped with games. She has an amazing memory and often surprises us with quotes from books, things that happened on a specific date, etc. She has a strong dislike for tomatoes, although we tease her about liking ketchup, salsa, and spaghetti sauce. I think she will grow up to be quite an ambassador for pit bulls or rescue dogs in general. She absolutely loves our dogs, especially Nandy.

I’ll admit I was nervous the first time N rode the bike. She’s my youngest and what I describe as tiny; at ~80 lbs Dan has commented that he both doesn’t feel her weight on the bike and that he actually can’t see her in the mirrors! While the other girls can wear my gear it’s all far too large for her.

Here is the last of my girls, then and now: