12/27/11 Photo Gift

D is particularly fond of one of the last pictures I took of Old Rusty, and mentioned getting an enlargement made for his office. Since I had already used that shot in his 2012 calendar I decided to do something different, and started experimenting with various filters and effects in Photoshop. I ended up removing the color from the background and then made the entire image look more like a painting than a photograph. I had it printed as an 11 x 14 and found a 13 x 15 frame that sandwiches the picture between two layers of glass. This shot is a before and after:

11/18/11 Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I’ve been trying to keep these Weekly Photo Challenges blog related and in digging around I found this shot.

An overnight ride last year included a stay at the Blackwater Lodge. Oldest daughter C is quite a fan of donuts so when I saw these on the breakfast buffet I had to take a picture for her: