02/25/11 Previous Life

I’m in a mood…I don’t really have the energy or desire to even try to figure out which one it is so I’ll leave it at that.

When I was still with the ex we had a great black lab that died unexpectedly; after that I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to have a pet of any sort. Fast forward to separation and one of the first things I bought for my apartment was a betta. I was an inexperienced fish parent so his home was one of those small cups but he ended up living a long time. When I moved to Canada the cup sat on the passenger seat next to me!

Another fast forward to our second home in Maryland, which was actually a townhouse. A big surprise Christmas gift from D that year: a 29g aquarium kit! That was the start of an addiction hobby that at one point had me caring for 12 tanks. Our last move forced me to downsize considerably though, but because we were finally owners rather than renters we were able to finally have dogs. There are still three aquariums in the house. I have a 2.5g on my desk, all live plants and a red male betta who is afraid of his own shadow. My daughter Emily has a small desktop tank, planted as well and home to a betta and two African dwarf frogs. And my oldest son has a 5.5g with a gourami, danios, and most surprisingly some kuhli loaches who must now be considered senior citizens in the fish world since they were from my original 29g!

Around the time I started keeping fish I also got my first digital camera and subsequently my Nikon D50. Sometimes while in not-so-great moods I look thru old photos and thought I’d share some of those today.