05/03/11 Day 3

Whitby ON to Clearfield PA
300 miles

This was a pretty miserable day, at least as far as the weather was concerned. Temperature around 50°, windy, and lots of rain. I did learn a few things though:

  1. My pants are warm and definitely waterproof.
  2. Ditto for the boots.
  3. My jacket is warm, and while the liner is waterproof the outer layer is not which resulted in a bit of rain between my ipod and its case.
  4. Even with the moisture my ipod never stopped working.
  5. The same can’t be said for my camera though; fortunately that was only a temporary problem.
  6. A ziploc bag does work to protect a GPS.
  7. Packing an extra pair of gloves is a very good idea, even if the forecast only predicts a minimal chance of rain.
  8. HotHands are apparently considered out of season this time of year at Walmart in Canada.
  9. For whatever reason people seemed compelled to approach us and comment on the obvious bad weather.
Duck couple enjoying rain puddle conveniently located near ‘Duck Crossing’ sign:
Jackets and pants ‘resting’, gloves drying: