This Sunday will be three weeks since the accident. My ankle is better, only gets sore if I walk or drive too long. Dan’s toe is back to normal coloring. New Zoom? Unfortunately work on it hasn’t even started. The fate of when that will actually happen is held by the insurance company and bike shop gods. It’s very frustrating, although with the 90° weather we’ve been having recently I don’t know how adventurous I would feel about rides of length anyhow….

The weekend before the accident when we did a nice overnight ride into WV. This shot was taken in the parking lot of Romney Cycles where we bought New Zoom only nine months ago:


Newer Zoom/New Zoom 2

I guess it’s finally time to explain this post.

This actually happened back in August, I’m still kind of foggy about how it all started. Dan was looking at motorcycle ads, then we were talking about and comparing different touring bikes. He then found a 2012 Venture at Romey Cycles: great price including a five year unlimited mileage warranty and not terribly far from home so we planned a road trip to check it out.

When we parked (Old) Zoom in the dealership lot that Saturday morning I didn’t realize it was the last time I would see it. Went inside, saw the new bike…they offered us a good price on (Old) Zoom, got financing, lots of paperwork & signatures and we rode off on our first ever brand new vehicle!

I never did find out what happened to (Old) Zoom. Our salesman said the guys in the service department were pretty excited about it, a few of them showed interest. After checking both their pre-owned inventory and cycletrader.com for almost a month and finding nothing I hope that’s what ended up happening.

02/26/11 New Zoom

This will be more of a photo-oriented post. It was a long but much anticipated day.

First there was the listing that I think strongly lured D into our Baltimore overnight late in January. As soon as we walked in the store and saw the bike I knew; it was just one of those odd intuition-type feelings I get.

Back at the hotel he called the shop and asked to have a hold on the bike:

A test ride followed about a week later…

And then The Day:

02/07/11 Test Zoom

When we did our over night in Baltimore I mentioned that we visited a couple of bike shops. We knew that Bob’s BMW had a Venture in stock, but the listing only had a description, no photo available. The bike was just inside the door to the shop, and unlike the bike show lust this one was in our price range. Decent mileage, really nice color, in very good shape…I wandered around the store but Dan never made it past that bike.

With pending tax refund and profit sharing we decided to go back for a visit and test ride. D rode for a bit and then I joined him; what a completely different experience from the Volusia. It’s so much quieter we could actually have a conversation while riding! And that back seat rivals my computer chair in comfort, definitely a bike I could see myself riding more than my current limit of 250 miles per day.

Just thought I’d share a few pics and a video from our day 🙂

01/18/11 International Motorcycle Show

Last Friday we went to the International Motorcycle Show in DC with a friend. They had me ‘try on’ and stand up a number of bikes. The first few made me nervous-I kept thinking they’d fall over-but eventually I got more comfortable. I met my match with the 660 lb Fury though; I tried a few times but simply didn’t have the strength.

We also spent a lot of time visiting (i.e. looking at, sitting on, admiring, etc) the Royal Star Venture that D is planning to buy this spring.

I ended up with three t-shirts and a pair of sunglasses…it was a fun evening, ending with a late dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.