05/20/11 Flu

My day was spent shuffling between the couch and my computer chair. This morning I woke up to discover that last night’s hmm, I have an upset stomach had turned into full-blown crud, which I assume is flu. Chills, body aches, and a general feeling of nausea. Oh joy. D is going out of town to visit family and won’t be back for six days. Tomorrow N is working tech her her school’s musical, at the very least I have to pick her up after the show. C and E are participating in Relay for Life this weekend. I have to dig sleeping bags out of the basement, get them packed and drive them to the school. Promised the boys I’d taken them for haircuts and of course all the usual grocery shopping, laundry, etc etc.

Now I have a headache to add to the list; just took my temperature which is just over 101° so I guess it’s time for bed. I’ve been struggling about a picture for this post so I’ll leave you with some hopeful smiles:

04/21/11 WWYD?

You are told that you have a month to live…what do you do with that time?

My mom had her first battle with breast cancer early in the 90s, and her second just a few years later. My dad would have done anything for her, and for one of her last remissions he decided to take back her to Jamaica. They had vacationed at Sandals resorts a number of times and I think he wanted her to experience some happiness outside the hospital before she died. They had a jacuzzi tub in their room during that trip, and there is a photo taken of my mom in that surrounded by bubbles wearing a million dollar smile. She would have been terribly embarrassed but he had that picture blown up and on display at her funeral; that was how he wanted to remember her, not in a hospital bed hooked up to a bunch machines. He was literally lost without her.

He died less than three years later…they were two halves of a whole and he wandered aimlessly after she was gone until his cancer returned. He wrote letters to my sister and I during that time period that are absolutely heart breaking, yet make you believe that there is such a thing as true love. They were married for almost 40 years, it can happen. I grew up not wanting to be a teacher or nurse but to have that kind of relationship.

Thought for today: hug and appreciate your spouse, your partner, your best friend. Make big smiles with someone you love-don’t wait until it’s too late.