Big Clocks Part 4

First time in Delaware last weekend and I found another street clock to add to the photo collection:

(clocks 1, clocks 2, clocks 3)

03/08/11 Big Clocks

At first I thought they were called city clocks until I started doing a bit of research and learned the correct name is actually street clock. I never really noticed them until we started doing the rides, or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. I haven’t found much information online; a Google search resulted in more manufacturers sites than anything else. To get an idea of how large-and expensive-these clocks are take a look at this link and browse the various models. Impress and annoy your neighbors with a 15′ clock on your front lawn!

We live in an area where town signs brag about age and the joke is that you can’t throw a stick and not hit a historical landmark, site, or battlefield. While I haven’t been able to find a site with locations I’m sure there are quite a few more locally that I haven’t yet photographed.

Some people collect postcards, t shirts, magnets, maps. I have a quest to collect photos of these clocks 😀