05/25/11 Busy Again

After Busy Monday I ended up going to bed at a reasonable time, but of course had trouble falling asleep and kept waking up. I finally gave up and got out of bed much earlier than planned.

What next? Get the dogs outside followed by their breakfast, start the coffee, sit down and face the computer, check email. Nothing from D but an email from A confirming what time I’m supposed to pick him up today (day two of senior exams), followed by a text shortly after informing me of a change in plans for Thursday. Ok, this isn’t an emergency, no stress, breathe….

It’s gray and rainy but warm; both dogs are sound asleep, they’re not crazy. This morning’s goals are to get the upstairs bathroom cleaned, start a load of laundry, and try to figure out what’s wrong with the vacuum. The van needs gas before heading out to the high school. It’s been over a week so I’m curious what that will end up costing me. Stop at CVS on the way home for a few things and to argue with the pharmacist about C’s auto-refill prescription that never auto-refills.

More laundry this afternoon, figure out what to make the kids for dinner, finish the grocery list for tomorrow, take a shower, set up bills to be paid…I think I need a vacation šŸ˜‰ And for future posts I’d like to figure out how to insert a slideshow rather than a bunch of pictures…

05/09/11 Frustrating Monday

I’m writing this in a hurry with hopes that I can get somethingĀ posted. Major computer frustration here this morning…it’s on the sixth or seventh restart, I’ve lost count at this point. If there weren’t a bunch of other financial obligations coming up I’d be out shopping for a replacement.

We did three really nice rides this weekend. This is another Monday of what I call ‘ride stress’, although ‘post ride stress’ would be more accurate. It’s catching up on everything that I didn’t get done on the weekend, plus all of the usual Monday stuff. I’ve done some cleaning in the kitchen, vacuumed, the third load of laundry is in the dryer, I have to plan the kids dinners for the week plus assign weekly jobs for them. Facing me on the desk are library books that have to be renewed, a special education parent survey, banking that has to be taken care of. I signed C up with Beads of CourageĀ so that paperwork is waiting to get filled out. There are pictures to Photoshop and I haven’t even started going thru email yet. Behind me on the floor is a 27 gallon aquarium I bought from a friend that needs a thorough cleaning before I can do anything else with it. I’m hoping a rough-start Monday means the rest of the week will go smoothly…

03/23/11 Argh Stress

I was in the middle of a long post when WordPress started having issues and it was lost. I had a yucky day and am in a not-so-great mood in general. So here’s the update on the appointment I mentioned yesterday:

About a week and half ago I was scratching my backĀ and felt something different. Checked it out in the mirror, had D look…it was new and I called for an appointment the following morning. Like I wrote yesterday, I am a nurse, not a patient. I take care of D, the kids, the dogs…make the appointments, drive, fill out forms, pick upĀ prescriptions, buy treats. My dad was the same way, it was almost fun being sick when I was growing up. But again, I’m a terrible patient. So I stayed up too late, didn’t sleep well, woke up too early. Fast forward: the two spots on my back-one old, the other new-are harmless and could be removed if I wanted. No thank you. The doctor decided that since I was already there he should do a skin check and found a spot on my chest, top of the rib cage, that he wasn’t happy with. It is now gone and I’m at that point where I’m waiting not to get a phone call.

This is kind of a big deal to me for two reasons. First is the fact that there’s a lot of cancer history in my family. The other is because of something stupid I did years ago. Not long after graduating high school I went on a cruise, stayed up late one night, and fell asleep on deck the following morning. I was in terrible pain when I woke up and later found out that the front side of my body had second degree burns. I ended up with small moles scattered across my arms, chest, and stomach. I was also told to always keep an eye on them for any changes and the chance of melanoma.

Stressful? Um, maybe a bit. I was fine until after the local wore off and the pain kicked in. Around that time I noticed blood had soaked the bandage and was actually leaking thru. Replaced that a number of times and then finally called the office to find out if it was normal. Was told if it didn’t stop within a few hours to call back. At this point the bleeding has stopped, still have the pain though.

So again, not a very good day and something I have to shuffle to the back of my mind for the next week…