CN Tower

In replying to comments made on my latest Weekly Photo Challenge I mentioned that I would post more pictures from our visit to the CN Tower. I’d been to the Tower before, but that was more than 20 years ago so I didn’t remember much about it.

The elevator is glass, and as I showed yesterday there is a glass panel in the floor. I stared at the doors the entire ride up! On the observation level there are much larger glass panels in the floor. At first I kind of partly stepped on, which I thought was quite brave of me and enough for this adventure, and then we walked around the entire tower checking out the view.

Back to the glass floors and somehow Dan managed to talk me into laying down to pose for pictures like all the other tourists! It’s an odd sensation….it’s sturdy-doesn’t feel like you’re going to fall-but definitely makes the stomach feel wobbly.

So not only a fun experience but I ended up being rather proud of myself as well 🙂

Epic Adventure 2012 Day 4

Nashville TN to Kosciusko MS
329 miles

Today we started the Natchez Trace Parkway. The road is 444 miles long, the speed limit is 50, and no commercial traffic allowed. It’s a very pretty ride with both open areas and shade, lots of wildflowers, a number of historical sites to visit.

Epic Adventure 2012 Day 3

Paintsville KY to Nashville TN
343 miles

Day 3 we rode southeast towards Nashville, which is the northern end of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Since neither of us had visited the city before we had planned to stop for the night. We aren’t fans of country music but had a lot of fun wandering around Music Row, checking out the people, bars, restaurants, and numerous stores selling cowboy boots. We ended up having food and some drinks at The Big Bang, first sitting inside watching the entertainment, then we moved to the outdoor balcony seating where we could still hear the music and watch the street action at the same time. To end the evening I had my first chocolate martini back at the hotel bar.

Group Ride: Leesburg VA

It had been quite a while since we led or participated in a group ride. Dan found a Meetup group for riding couples and scheduled an event before we left on the Epic Adventure. That was yesterday, which ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day. There were four bikes, we rode 141 miles, had a great brunch at Los Tios Grill in Leesburg, and crossed back into MD on White’s Ferry.