08/25/11 Weather or Not

The kids start school on Monday; it’s been an odd summer. Going to the beach was number one on my top 10  list of things to do but at this point I don’t think that will happen. I found out this afternoon that D is going away for five days so there won’t be any rides this weekend. I was at Walmart with three of the kids for the 5.8 earthquake, the 4.5 last night we all slept thru. Now we are getting ready for Irene. According to forecasts this is supposed to be the biggest storm to hit our area in decades. We’ve charged batteries for flashlights, have candles ready, and tomorrow morning we’re going grocery shopping. After working in a grocery store for a number of years I know that isn’t going to be fun.

Today’s weather was odd-this photo was taken from our back yard and was not Photoshopped. I think this is going to be a bad one…

07/19/11 Mid-Summer Randomness

Unfortunately there’s nothing new to report in regards to my mystery health issue.

We did no rides this past weekend but year-to-date total mileage ridden for me is now just over 7100.

Four family birthdays have been celebrated so far this summer, which included taking E to Baltimore for an overnight adventure for her special day.

The weather here has been all over the place, from hot and humid days in the mid-90°s to nights when a blanket was an absolute necessity.

Last week C’s diagnosis of HLHS was added to the Social Security List of Compassionate Allowances Conditions. She doesn’t qualify for benefits now because of our family income, but she will once she turns 18.

I have almost four of my Top 10 List of Things To Do This Summer completed. The ‘almost’ is getting Nandy’s allergies under control. She’ll look good for a few days and then has another flare-up. As least we haven’t had to use the cone of shame in a while.

I’ll do an update on the entire list at the end of summer.

05/03/11 Day 3

Whitby ON to Clearfield PA
300 miles

This was a pretty miserable day, at least as far as the weather was concerned. Temperature around 50°, windy, and lots of rain. I did learn a few things though:

  1. My pants are warm and definitely waterproof.
  2. Ditto for the boots.
  3. My jacket is warm, and while the liner is waterproof the outer layer is not which resulted in a bit of rain between my ipod and its case.
  4. Even with the moisture my ipod never stopped working.
  5. The same can’t be said for my camera though; fortunately that was only a temporary problem.
  6. A ziploc bag does work to protect a GPS.
  7. Packing an extra pair of gloves is a very good idea, even if the forecast only predicts a minimal chance of rain.
  8. HotHands are apparently considered out of season this time of year at Walmart in Canada.
  9. For whatever reason people seemed compelled to approach us and comment on the obvious bad weather.
Duck couple enjoying rain puddle conveniently located near ‘Duck Crossing’ sign:
Jackets and pants ‘resting’, gloves drying:

03/07/11 Options

More crazy, undecided weather here. Saturday was sunny and 60°, rainy and warm yesterday, and this morning we woke up to discover that there had been snow overnight. Not much accumulation, just enough that car windows had to be brushed and a reminder that winter is still lurking.

A number of people have asked what I plan to do about the class. I don’t really have an answer. Writing to request at least a partial refund for the cost of the course is a definite. Beyond that my options are:

  • Re-take the course
  • Get my learner’s permit, ride and practice with Dan
  • Continue enjoying the back of the bike

Each option has its own pros and cons. During the ride this weekend I’d occasionally think yeah, that would be nice… But thoughts of how relaxed I was, the comfort of the new bike, and contentment in general far outweighed the ‘what ifs’. I really like my new throne, I’m looking forward to warmer weather and more rides. So I guess what I’ve decided for now is why mess with a good thing?

I very much appreciate all the comments and emails, and will get caught up on responses as soon as possible!

02/23/11 Sharing The Back Seat – Part 1

Monday night’s weather left us with us snow and ice that caused a two-hour delay for the schools yesterday. Cold temps again today and with rain the the forecast for tomorrow and Friday there won’t be any rides to post about for a bit. I thought I’d use the opportunity to introduce the three other ladies who occasionally ride the back of the bike.

My oldest daughter, C, was the first to show any interest in riding. She is currently 15 but has a medical history that rivals many adults. At three weeks of age she was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a complex congenital heart defect that is fatal without treatment. She had three open heart surgeries by the time she was 18 months old, and now has a cardiology check up twice a year that includes an echo, EKG, 24 hour Holter monitor, stress test, and blood work. She has some challenges with school-especially math, like her mom-but is an avid reader and a talented writer. While we managed to avoid the Justin Bieber bug with all three girls, Cynthia is very definitely a proud member of Team Edward. She is the least picky eater of all my kids, she has a fantastic smile, likes playing the Wii and her sister’s DS, loves flavored water, and at times can be a typical teenage drama queen 😉

Here is Ms C, then and now:

02/19/11 Wind

I mentioned the other day that we were planning to do a group ride…unfortunately we had a big change in the weather which included a high-winds warning: 30+ MPH winds with gusts up to 60. This was one instance where the prediction was correct so we cancelled the ride and decided to go out for a family dinner. After a bunch of research we decided on Maggiano’s in DC. This was a first for the kids and I; D had been there previously for work functions. The three block walk from where we parked to the restaurant was certainly interesting with the high winds; at one point we actually saw a woman get knocked down from a particularly strong gust. With seven people we did the Classic Family Style Dinner: two appetizers, two salads, four main course selections, and two desserts. That was a lot of food…there were two large platters or bowls of each serving. We brought home a box of leftovers from everything except the ice cream 😛

And for my fellow sushi lovers it seems that I will be taking a sushi-making class next month thanks to D…very awesome and thoughtful birthday gift!

the only moto we saw all day

02/16/11 Testing

This morning I was faced with vacuuming, laundry, washing dishes, writing a grocery list, and cleaning the kitchen counters. So I decided to take the MSF Basic Rider Course Review 😉

Some of the questions were rather silly:

And thanks to a recent intake of coffee and subsequent caffeine rush I kind of zipped thru it.  Considering I haven’t really read much of the material I don’t think I did too badly:

In other news it looks like we have some decent weather starting today. After the no-jacket-required temps on Monday there have been quite a few spring is here! comments but I’m not thoroughly convinced winter is completely gone yet…

02/13/11 Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown WV
~100 miles

Weather: 44° when we left the house but overcast so it felt a bit colder, at least to me. Sunny and clear skies after lunch so the ride home was quite comfortable.

Lunch: Blue Moon Cafe, our second time there and hopefully not the last. Such an interesting menu and very good food! I’d like to go back when the temperature is warm enough to enjoy their outdoor dining area.

02/06/11 Leesburg

Leesburg VA
~80 miles

Sunday’s forecast was a high in the mid-40s so we decided to do a short ride. This is not jump on the bike and go weather. Tank top, sweatshirt, ski jacket liner, riding jacket, thermal pants, jeans, riding pants, socks, boots, gloves & liners, hand warmers, ipod, sunglasses, camera, helmet…walking out of the house I felt like I was wearing one of those inflatable sumo wrestler suits!

Crossing into VA at White’s Ferry was pretty with snow on both sides of the river. We went to the lunch buffet at Aiyara Thai Restaurant; a bit small but the food was good. I hadn’t been on the bike in over a month so it was nice to get out.