02/04/11 Weather or Not

We are currently a 2.5 vehicle household: the bike, the van, and a car that shortly after being paid off developed battery issues and decided power steering was no longer necessary. The temperature dropping after the rain earlier this week resulted in icy patches on the roads so the bike sits waiting for better weather…

There is a gas station within walking distance, otherwise I’m house bound. There are a number of benefits to this:

  • the ever-present mountain of laundry is nonexistent
  • bills and other paperwork have been taken care of and filed
  • cleaning is up to date (except for the bathrooms, I can always find some reason to avoid doing them 😉 )
  • the ‘reply to’ email folder is empty
  • the kids have been getting some creative dinners using what we have on hand in the pantry and freezer
  • the already spoiled dogs are getting more attention than usual
  • there is no money spent on impulse shopping
  • I don’t feel terribly guilty about wasting spending time of Facebook apps

And it’s definitely better than the blizzard we had early last February!

02/02/11 False Alarm

On Monday we had a winter storm alert, warning, and watch. After Snowmageddon 2010 most of us here take these types of forecasts seriously. What we ended up with though was a bit of freezing that night that resulted in the schools having a two-hour delay. With rain last night and a forecast of 50° for today, D was determined to ride into work. I certainly wasn’t going to argue since I haven’t had the van in days. So a path out of the shed was shoveled, lots of noise which I’m sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate 😉 , I moved the van into the street and he was ready to go. We’re hoping to do even a short ride on Sunday but with the way the weather has been changing who knows….

01/21/11 Winter Weather

I’ve accepted the Post A Week 2011 challenge. Since the focus of my blog is riding the back of my husband’s motorcycle this isn’t going to be easy; thoughts and/or encouragement from readers would be very much appreciated! Riding at least once a week when the weather is nice results in regular blog entries. I haven’t been on the bike since the 1st though. Temperatures have been consistently under my minimum of 40°. D rides to work on dry days and will probably do so more often now that he has some good winter gloves. He’s also quite a bit more cold-tolerant than me 😉

We still have minimal snow on the ground but earlier this week the schools had a two-hour delay because of ice. Not fun to walk or drive on but I managed to get a blog-appropriate photo though!