02/02/11 False Alarm

On Monday we had a winter storm alert, warning, and watch. After Snowmageddon 2010 most of us here take these types of forecasts seriously. What we ended up with though was a bit of freezing that night that resulted in the schools having a two-hour delay. With rain last night and a forecast of 50° for today, D was determined to ride into work. I certainly wasn’t going to argue since I haven’t had the van in days. So a path out of the shed was shoveled, lots of noise which I’m sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate 😉 , I moved the van into the street and he was ready to go. We’re hoping to do even a short ride on Sunday but with the way the weather has been changing who knows….

01/31/11 Baltimore Escape

I’m starting to think I should temporarily rename the blog ‘Desk Seat View’ or at the very least ‘Passenger Seat View’ until the end of winter. The temperature yesterday was close to 40° but we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground and another storm in the forecast. The kids only had one day of school last week, and with Dan driving the van to work I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house. Saturday morning D decided that we needed an adventure so we went to Baltimore for an overnight getaway. Highlights included visiting two bike shops in the area, and a fantastic dinner at Phillip’s Seafood Buffet. Only 47 more days until spring…